Top Five Video Game Plot Twists (2014-03-23)

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Names for some of the new ways games find to surprise us.

The King's Brother (Jet Force Jemini (N64, 1999))
Wherein the evil overlord being pursued for the entire duration of the plot, who is wanted for comitting atrocities against a helpless people, is actually that people's leader's relative who went missing some time before the protagonist's journey started.
John Was A Zombie (Eversion (PC, 2009))
The protagonist turns out to actually be one of the monsters they have been fighting against the entire time.
Impending Space Doom! (Various)
From: Console Wars Of The Past
A recurring theme and Excuse Plot in quite a few 8-bit arcade games.
Perpetual Prequel Cycle (Metroid Fusion (GBA, 2002))
Being stuck releasing prequels and interquels intead of any direct sequels because the story is unable to progress beyond its furthest point.
Pro-Antagonist (The Witch's House (PC, 2012))
When something seems a bit off - or something doesn't add up - about the player character. This nagging suspicion slowly intensifies as you play the game, until it's finally revealed during the ending cutscene that you were actually guiding the villain the entire time! Surprise! It's all YOUR fault, you dumbass and/or monster!


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